Christian Gibelin-Boyer

The Yamashita scandal

How the Japanese War Booty "Golden Lily" came to

the french Citizen Christian Gibelin-Boyer.

Much has been written about the treasure of the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita and the „Golden Lily“ war booty. Book authors, bloggers and TV stations repeatedly report about the gigantic treasures, the tons of gold, silver and precious stones that were looted by the Japanese when plundering and marauding 12 countries in the Pacific and South Asia between 1895 and 1945. A large part of the loot of the operation "Golden Lily" was stored in the Philippines. One speaks of $ 3 billion (value of 1940) and 4000 to 6000 tons of gold bullions.

In summer 1944, when the ring of American troops was pulled tighter around the Philippines and allied submarines and aircraft gained control, Japanese ships could no more break through. Some ships were sunk, including parts of the war booty. General Yamashita took steps to hide war loots on the island of Luzon. After the war again and again former eye witnesses appeared on reports who spoke of how agents of "Golden Lily" in many different places tunnel of war prisoners have dug up and blow up coral reefs to hide so much money and gold as possible. Prisoners of war and even the eye-witnesses of their own army have been shot and buried with the treasure to disguise the secret places. Narrated 172 Hide, of which 138 are on land and 34 in deliberately sunken ships. Even at the line of retreat was hastily buried yet. Nevertheless, it was not possible to make disappear the amounts of money and gold.

General Yamashita signed the surrender on 2 September 1945 The brutality of Japanese troops in the second world war in China and the South Pacific is legendary. Prior to the reconquest of the Philippines by General MacArthur's troops General Yamashita was despite withdrawal instruction nor destroy, in whole Manila and killed more than 100,000 people. For this massacre, he was convicted and executed on February 23, 1946 to death. After Dresden and Warsaw, Manila is regarded as the most destroyed city of WW2.

In October 1945, after withdrawal of the Japanese, American intelligence officers learned of the OSS (Forerunner of the CIA), who landed with the troops General MacArthur in Luzon, where parts of the spoils of war were hidden. They began a secret search, which lasted until 1948. High confidentiality was important. If the discovery of the huge amount of Japanese war booty would have been made public, the looted countries and individuals could come and claim it. In the U.S. Senate there was already a strong faction, led by Senators Hare, Hawes, Cutting, and Tydings McDuffie, who wanted to establish the independence of the Philippines by law. General MacArthur rejected this policy from energetic. He was for a permanent government of the Philippines under American leadership. Together with OSS / CIA he had no intention to return the looted stocks to their rightful owners.

Since the removal of spoils of war took place on U.S. military ships, the flow was indeed public, but completely under the supervision and control of General MacArthur. He looked for a way to redirect the funds and bring the matter to an end - against the official policy of the U.S. government. With the help of the OSS / CIA, some senators and generals of front companies were created to launder the funds. These businessmen gave high amounts of cash and diamonds to MacArthur as payment on the account and got in exchange money and gold from the Japanese war booty. The loot was delivered and stored in predetermined banks vaults (Barclay's Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, now JP Morgan Chase & Co., and others).

Officially MacArthur informed the U.S. government that the ships with the spoils of war were sunk on the high sea. In this way all banknotes and gold bullions that were intended for circulation became secret capital. It is speculated that it was used in the post-war years as a "secret funds" to build a global anti-Communist network, under the supervision of Generals Douglas MacArthur and William Donovan, head of OSS and complicity of President Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman.

Until today, assets remain in the original boxes on special deposit accounts at the involved banks. The Philippine peso was exchanged for a value of 0.50 in U.S. dollars. The money as US emissions on metal base are taken out of circulation, they represent a fixed redemption value, which at the time (1969) has been fixed on gigantic 129,252,029,896.00 American Dollars. By the higher price of gold the accounts did immensely increase since then. Officially, worth assets in the banks are not available. And even though the assets were at this time only intended for deposit or storage, it happened and still happens again and again that the banks take capital from the monetary stock and use it as guarantee assets. This situation has prompted the banks to put a "concrete wall" against usual legal inquiries.

The people involved

The payments given by the fictitious companies did not compensate the entire value of the spoils of war. General MacArthur commited a young officer as his "eyes and ears". It was the young and extremely loyal intelligence officer J. Cruz Bautista.

In May 1969, the so called "5th Conference" took place in Paris. This conference records a summary of the meetings and the whole development of this affair. In order to obfuscate the true owners of the assets and the liabilities with U.S. government and CIA, J. Bautista Cruz was on 21 March 1972 declared the owner of all rights. He was charged to sell money and gold lying on the banks, and to transfer the proceeds to the owners of the fictitious companies. The Paris protocol describes the incredible trust and faith of the owners in J. Cruz Bautista. But although the owner group did bolster J.B. Cruz up over years, the ambitious scheme was not successful.

However, there are two complete sets of all "relevant documents" proving the deposits and liabilities of the U.S. government. One set is in the hands oft he U.S. Government. These documents were prepared over a long period. They include all documents, the real and the false ones which had been made for safety reasons. Only the microfilm includes the pictures of each real document. These original documents, called the „DUPLICATES OWNER’S COPIES“ must be presented to the banks and linked authorities, otherwise all vaults remain closed.

J. Bautista Cruz died suddenly and disconcertingly on October 7, 1990. But before his death in 1990, J. Bautista Cruz had brought to Manila the original documents, the microfilm, keys and access codes to the bank vaults. He transferred full ownership and all the powers to his wife and his youngest son as heirs. This relating document has been approved by the U.S. government.

After long discussions of J. Bautista Cruz's widow Maria Carbonell Juanita Cruz with the American authorities, Mrs. Cruz died a sudden death on March 21, 1998. She left her son Ibarra Carbonell Cruz as heir.

After Mrs Cruz also had died suddenly, her son and heir Ibarra Cruz Carbonell realized how explosive and perilous the content of these documents was. On 19 June 2000 he transferred the original bank documents, the microfilm, all account data, safe keys and code words to the French citizen Christian Gibelin-Boyer. He hoped to be safe of his life then. But Ibarra Carbonell Cruz was shot dead on 6 March 2001 at his front door.

Today, all the original parties have died, and the Japanese war loot is still lying on the same bank accounts. This is a financial scandal of incredible scope.

The current owners

Since that day, the French national Christian Gibelin-Boyer is the owner of the accounts and safes in Barclay's Bank London and JP Morgan Chase & Co. He holds in hand

  1. the originals of the Protocols of the "fifth Conference "including the override document the original owner of the account on J. Bautista Cruz;

  2. concerning correspondence of the heirs Cruz with U.S. Department of Treasury, in which the inheritance is recognized;

  3. all notarial acts that he, Christian Gibelin-Boyer, is the rightful owner of the accounts at Barclay's Bank and JP Morgan Chase;

  4. the „DUPLICATES OWNER’S COPIES“, keys and code words, which entitle him to open up and taking possession of his accounts.

As the heirs Cruz already did, Mr. Gibelin-Boyer tries since 13 years to enforce his property - so far without success. Neither the related banks, nor the U.S. Government do respond. Instead, Mr. Gibelin-Boyer is bugged, his internet is constantly disturbed, he is under surveillance around the clock by intelligence agencies, and has been warned not to travel. Over the years, all kinds of organizations approached him to negociate and prompt him to hand over the documents. All negotiations were suddenly interrupted and mediating persons disappeared or got ill and died suddenly.

Not only the American government is involved in the affair CRUZ. The former British and French allies and many more organizations are also concerned with the banking scandal. Mr. Gibelin-Boyer has informed the French authorities, presidents, prime and finance ministers  about his legal rights of ownership and his intention to bring the money to France. This fact would oblige ​​me to pay very substantial penalties of 13 bilion Euros. It would directly serve the interests of France and, consequently, the interests of all its citizens.

On 22 December 2012, Mr. Gibelin-Boyer has formally instituted a suit to the French State. Since then he has been asked by President Sarkozy under State Security, so can not officially act.

See more information and correspondence with French government under:

For his security Mr. Gibelin-Boyer has recently signed over 50% of his Cruzen vaults property to his German partner who now has access to all „DUPLICATES OWNER’S COPIES“, keys and code words. In case of any accident, forced disappearance or sudden death in their environment all documentation and film content will be transferred to networks which fight for financial markets justice and put up on international internet sites.

The Yamashita treasure exists. It had been deposed in several banks, among others in the former Chase which currently is JP Morgan, and at Barclays Bank.

In July 2014 one of Gibelin-Boyers attorneys wrote official letters to Antony Jenkins, CEO of Barclays London, and to Jamie Dimon, Chairman of JP Morgan, to underline his ownership of the Cruzen Philippines vaults in their banks. From then on the ball came rolling!

Christian Gibelin-Boyer got in contact with Jean Patrick Martini, leading inspector of DNEF, the National Directorate of Tax Investigations of France. Martini and Gibelin-Boyer met several times to change information of the said accounts. The DNEF started to investigate.

NEWS:  The incredible Development of the Yamashita Affair

Year after year Christian Gibelin-Boyer tried to get in contact with Barclays and JP Morgan. CEOs came and separated. And all he heard was that they didn’t have any information. An account with billions of dollars – closed without any records? Good joke ......

In January 2015 Martini proposed a meeting with the Minister of Finance, Mr. Sapin.

In February 2015 Gibelin-Boyer handed over some of his original documents to give the French Ministry of Finance the possibility to check their authenticity.

Very strange:

Since mid 2015, any contact with Martini is broken. Once again it turns out that for the Officials the Yamashita matter is too big and too dangerous. The global network of secrets, interest and corruption had no interest in openess.

Is there a better proof for the existance of the Yamashita Gold?

Christian Gibelin-Boyer is aware of his risk. He has been warned several times that a hit team would come to murder him. As a precaution, should anything „strange“ happen, a complete documentation of letters, telephone recordings, originals, and by authorities knowingly falsified documents related to Yamashita and its accounts has been accumulated.

A publication of these documentation would not be in the interest of all parties.

End News

What Martini and his team found out:



OF THE ACCOUNTS IC98452700 (9) and IC8453418 (9).

To give the National Directorate of Tax Investigations a possibility to start the official claim in the name of the French citizen Christian Gibelin-Boyer, Martini asked him to submit the form 3916 „Statement by a resident of an account outside France“, which he officially placed at the fiscal authority of the Gard Department on March 2, 2015

The Yamashita scandal

How the Japanese War Booty "Golden Lily" came to

the french Citizen Christian Gibelin-Boyer.

The Yamashita scandal

How the Japanese War Booty "Golden Lily" came to

the french Citizen Christian Gibelin-Boyer.